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October 20, 2013
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- 17  Armored Rider: (Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, Zangetsu & Zangetsu Shin, Bravo, Gridon, Knuckle, Kurokage, Sigurd, Duke, Malika,  Bujin Gaim, Fifteen, Mars, Kamuro, Jam)
- 59  Arms:  (20) Fruit Arms, (6) Energy Arms,  (5) Jinba Arms, (2) Kachidoki & Kiwami Arms (22) Rider Arms, (4) Other Arms.
- 58 LockSeeds: (21) Fruit LS, (6) Energy LS, (21) Rider LS, (7) Other LS (2) Kachidoki LS & Kiwami Key
- 4 Lock Vehicle (SakuraHurricane, RoseAttacker, Dandeliner, TulipHopper)
- Sengoku Driver
- Genesis Driver
- MusouSaber
- Sonic Arrow
- DJ Gun

UPDATES v17.58.5:
+ 1 Armored Rider Jam
+ 3 LS (Darkness, Meteor, Beast)
+ Suika Arms: odama mode
* double click orange icon on fruitsbar to select Daidaimaru variations.
* bugfixes

UPDATES v16.55.5:
+ 5 LS (Yomi Yomotsuheguri, W Extreme, OOO Putotyra, Fourze Cosmic, Wizard Infinity)
+ 3 overlord weapon)
* after henshin click Yomi LS to select overlord weapon
* doubleclick rider icon on weapon bar to select neo heisei rider final form's weapon)

- click (?) button for more help.
- use Keyboard key for shortcut function, click (?) button for more info.

Images : TV-Asahi, TOEI, BANDAI,, ModXToy & google.
Vector, Sounds & Resources : crimes0n, Malunis, CometComics, AEsir, k2eizo, robinosuke & others.
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BladeGaim Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Forget it, Lord Baron Overlord is not going to be put there.
kashena1212 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  New member Student Filmographer
why isn't showa lockseed and second kamen rider lockseed (ex: kaixa , garren lockseed)? because they lockseed is great too. Although gaim series is end but this SWF file (FLASH) is interesting
GokaiChange35 Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
the only secondary rider lockseeds are meteor and beast
zxceed Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  New member
Wink/Razz hi there i  am new here i have a request to ask you can you please add lord baron and kouta overlord form i have and idea since there is the kiwami arms with the sliver cape you should create a henshin button just for kouta overlord form without any sengoku driver on him and for lord baron inves form just add the helheim furit to transform it to click once to transform into lord baron click once more to transform back to armored rider baron please do consider my idea this last update would be great for us kamen rider fans thank you and keep up the good work
GaimOrangeArms Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
click any lock two time fast
zeroxros7 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Fifteen in Fourze arms used Fouze's elec state weapon in the movie and Ryugen Yomi used one of the minor Overlords weapons during his brief appearance in the show. Don't really care if you add them since it wouldn't really make that much of a difference if you didn't but, I thought I should at least mention it.
SsGam3r Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Darkness Arms looks awesome on Gaim Yomi.
Jet-Striker Featured By Owner 1 day ago
So Sid's Lockseed is just there for show then, it can't actually be installed into anything?

Also, Kurokage Shin can't install his Matsubokkuri Energy Lockseed into the Sonic Arrow, any plans to change that?

That aside, very nice update.
SuperOniBlue Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Jam's faceplate does not match the one he uses in the show
zeroxros7 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
That is because the one he used in the show was a recolor of Kamuro's because the people working on the show decided to be lazy and not make a proper faceplate for Jam.
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