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March 25, 2013
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Kamen Rider Decade Flash Game v 2.0
[SWF version]…
[EXE version]…

- DCD Ridebooker
- DCD K-Touch
- DCD Complette form v1 & v2
45 Cards:
- 10 Kamen Rider
- 14 Form Ride
- 11 Attack Ride
- 10 Final Attack Ride [incomplete animation]

- Transform to another rider to change deck of attack ride cards.
- Insert "Magenta card" to transform into "DCD Complette form v1" or insert "Gold card" to transform into "DCD Complette form v2"
- K-Touch input : click Rider button combinations or using your keyboard input: 1473265980.
- Transform to DCD Complete Form use a card from AR deck to skip K-Touch input.
- Summon A Rider via K-Touch: click a Rider button then click "F" button or by keyboard press "a number" then press "enter". Click "C" button or press "-" on keyboard to cancel.
- You can also summon a rider by click a card on DCD's Chest.
- Click DCD card on the DCD's Head or click DCD button on K-Touch or press "0" on keyboard to summon all rider.
- Click "?" on top right corner for more help.
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cool realHeart
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Ezzy-as-it-is Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
This is awesome man
There's a problem with Ryuki. Survive Ryuki is summoned but Shining Agito's cards appear instead of Ryuki's.
thanks. looking great.
You've used Agito's Burning form instead of Shining form, and Blade's Jack form instead of King form, will they be corrected in a future update?
Agito Shining form and Blade King form, they were already there,
you can access them via Decade Complete Form v2 by inserting Golden side of complete card.
I just can't find other poses of them for Decade Complete Form v1 (Magenta side of complete card)

what does EXE mean


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